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Our Ingredients

Our ingredient sourcing rule is actually very simple: never use an ingredient for one of our allergen friendly candies that we would not give to our own child without hesitation. At SAFE SWEETS, we have meticulously sourced all of our ingredients to be clean as they are tasty. Our products aren’t just allergy friendly, they also have as few preservatives as we could possibly manage. When you bite into a SAFE SWEETS chocolate snack, you can rest assured that it was made from delicious, quality ingredients.

Our SAFE Facility

All of our products are hand crafted in our dedicated nut free and dairy free facility, so you have nothing to worry about! We are not open to the public (aside from order pick-ups, which are carefully structured), so there is no chance of accidental cross-contamination from a guest accidentally bringing something dangerous into the facility. We apologize for the inconvenience, but by staying closed off from the public, we are able to maintain the highest possible quality control standards, particularly with respect to the risk of cross-contamination (which is of paramount importance in our line of work).

Handmade & Hand Packaged

Some of our competitors use heavy machinery to process and package their products. Here at SAFE SWEETS, we make all of our products by hand and carefully package and decorate each item. It takes a little longer, but the end result is an authentic, hand crafted product that is absolutely worth the wait.

Family Owned

Many of our competitors are large, corporate businesses. At SAFE SWEETS, we are a family owned, small business. We don’t have uninvolved shareholders breathing down our necks, and we certainly don’t have large factories or warehouses full of aging inventory. Our products are typically “made to order,” and we pride ourselves in that fact. Additionally, we buy local wherever we can, because it is important to our family to support our local and surrounding communities.

Our Prices

For the quality we provide, we offer great prices for our customers, including special offers and discounts. We believe that you shouldn’t have to pay an arm and a leg just because you have a food allergy or want to eat clean foods. Anything we can do to streamline our process and reduce unnecessary costs, we do. We refuse to compromise on quality, but everything else is up for grabs. For instance, the non-toxic ice packs that keep your chocolate cool and fresh while they are being shipped to you are delivered to us un-hydrated, which significantly reduces the inbound shipping cost incurred. We hydrate and freeze them ourselves, and since they are always absorbing any water around them, they also keep the package dry and extra fresh during delivery. Moreover, they are completely reusable and can be rehydrated by our customers anytime they start to get low (just briefly soak them in water). And in addition to being frozen, they can also be heated in the microwave and used as a heating pad! We are absolute sticklers when it comes to passing down as little cost to you as possible by finding the highest quality shipping supplies and materials at the lowest possible cost.