Chocolate Bark & Granola Subscription

$27.99 / month

Monthly subscription ($27.99 plus flat rate shipping) that includes your choice of any 5 items from our bags of Chocolate Barks & Granolas!!!  All of your choices are completely Top 8 Free…the best allergy friendly chocolates on the planet, in fact!
NET WEIGHT :  5 – 5.5 oz (per bag x 5 bags)

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Product Description

Chocolate Bark & Granola Subscription!  Mix and match any five (5) items from your favorite Chocolate Barks and Granolas!  Chose from Rice Crisp, Pretzel, or Quinoa Bark, as well as Caramel Vanilla or Blueberry Maple Granola.  Select 5 of the same, or mix and match however you like!

No matter what you choose, it will be perfect for anyone with a nut allergy or dairy allergy!  Everything is made in our dedicated nut free, dairy free and gluten free facility.

Only $27.99 per month (plus flat rate shipping)!

Please visit our individual product pages for a deeper dive into each item using the following links:

Rice Crisp Bark

Gluten-Free Pretzel Bark (contains corn starch)

Quinoa Crunch Bark

Caramel Vanilla Granola

Blueberry Maple Granola

All of our Chocolate Bark & Granola Subscription items are completely Top 8 Free.  No food allergens.  Tons of flavor!  Do yourself a favor and try some today!  You won’t be disappointed.  And remember, you can mix and match your 5 items however you like!

Say “hello” to your favorite new allergy friendly treats!  And it is our great pleasure to bring it to you.

Certified Kosher Pareve.  Please contact us directly for information about our certification or inspections.

Net weight 5-5.5 oz. (per bag x 5 bags)

no-peanuts no-tree-nuts no-dairy no-egg no-soy no-wheat no-fish no-shellfish
no-gelatin no-sesame no-sulfites no-corn gluten-free non-gmo vegan Certified Kosher Pareve

Do you want to learn more about food allergies?  Then check out the Safe Sweets Resources Page!  With new content being added each month, you’ll have access to research, analysis, and thought-provoking insights.

If you have any questions about our Chocolate Bark & Granola Subscription, the ordering or shipping/pick-up process, or any other question, please e-mail us at  You can also find answers to many common questions at our FAQ page.