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Chocolate “Happy Valentines Day” Lollipop


Chocolate “Here’s My Heart” Gift Bag


Chocolate Birthday & Wedding Cake Lollipops


Chocolate Ballerina Lollipop


Car, Motorcycle or Airplane Lollipops


Chocolate Flower Rounds Gift Bag


Chocolate “Deck the Halls” Bag


Chocolate Tractor and Train Lollipops

Chocolate Cat & Dog Lollipops

Chocolate Frosty Bar


Chocolate Zoo Animal Lollipops

Chocolate Snowflake Lollipop


Chocolate Skull & Bones Lollipop


Holiday Gift Baskets


Chocolate “Star of David” Bag (12 pieces)


Chocolate Shark Lollipop


Chocolate Cow Lollipop


Chocolate Clover & Sunflower Lollipops

“Easter Lily” Solid Chocolate Bar


Chocolate “Hearts to Share” Gift Box


Chocolate Christmas Present Lollipop


Chocolate Baseball and Basketball Lollipops

“Lambtastic” Solid Chocolate Lamb


Chocolate Angel Lollipop