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Chocolate Boo!!! Lollipop


Chocolate Faith-Based Lollipops

Chocolate Emoji Gift Bag


“Countdown to Christmas” Bar


Bunny Ears Chocolate Lollipop


Chocolate Unicorn and Butterfly Lollipops

Chocolate Frosty Bar


Chocolate Graduation Lollipops


“Spring Has Sprung” Easter Chocolate Gift Bag


Chocolate “Star of David” Bag (12 pieces)


Chocolate “Deck the Halls” Bag


Chocolate Snowflake Lollipop


Chocolate Witch Hat Lollipop


Chocolate Christmas Present Lollipop


Chocolate Birthday & Wedding Cake Lollipops


Holiday Gift Baskets


Chocolate Ballerina Lollipop


Car, Motorcycle or Airplane Lollipops


Chocolate Tractor and Train Lollipops

Chocolate Cat & Dog Lollipops

Chocolate Zoo Animal Lollipops

Chocolate Skull & Bones Lollipop


“Easter Lily” Solid Chocolate Bar


Chocolate Shark Lollipop