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“Hey Chickie” Chocolate Easter Egg


Chocolate Emoji Gift Bag


Chocolate Flower Rounds Gift Bag


Chocolate “My Peeps” Gift Bag


“Easter Baskets & Easter Bunnies” Bag


Chocolate Sweet Heart Present Box


“Hoppy to See You” Chocolate Easter Bunny


Safe Chocolate Chips


Rudolf’s Midnight Snack


“Countdown to Christmas” Bar


Chocolate Frosty Bar


Chocolate “Frosty’s Treats” Snowman Box


Chocolate Quinoa Crunch Bark


Chocolate Granola Bites – Blueberry Maple


Chocolate Granola Bites – Caramel Vanilla


Lammy Lamb Chocolate Lollipop


Bunny Ears Chocolate Lollipop


Easter Cross Chocolate Lollipop


Easter Bunny Chocolate Lollipop


Happy Easter Chickie Chocolate Lollipop


Easter Egg Chocolate Lollipop


“Spring Has Sprung” Easter Chocolate Gift Bag


“Easter Lily” Solid Chocolate Bar


“Peter Cottontail’s Crew” Chocolate Easter Egg