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Chocolate Safe Bar


Chocolate Safe Bar 12-Pack


“Hoppy to See You” Chocolate Easter Bunny (OUT OF SEASON)


Chocolate Advent Calendar (NEW!! Design)


Easter Egg Gift Box filled with Chocolate Marshmallow Mini’s


“Easter Baskets & Easter Bunnies” Bag (OUT OF SEASON)


“Hare Comes Thumper” Solid Chocolate Easter Bunny (OUT OF SEASON)


Gluten-Free Chocolate Covered Pretzels (NEW Design !! Yellow Gift Bag)


Chocolate Dinosaur Lollipop


Chocolate Santa Lollipop


Chocolate “Hey Santa” Bar


Chocolate Christmas Tree Lollipop


Chocolate Gold COINS .25 LB


Chocolate Candy Cane Box


Chocolate Raisin Clusters


Chocolate “Fall into Leaves” Bag – Approx. 11 Pieces


Chocolate “Harvest Pumpkin” Bag – 10 pieces


Chocolate Snowman Lollipop


Chocolate “Lots of Love” Organza Bag-OUT OF SEASON-


Chocolate Turkey Lollipop


“Bunny Bunch” Easter Gift Basket (OUT OF SEASON)


Chocolate “Bear My Heart” Lollipop -OUT OF SEASON-


Car, Motorcycle or Airplane Lollipops


Chocolate “Flower Heart” Lollipop -OUT OF SEASON-