Shipping Price Increase, Summer
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Shipping Price Increase, Summer
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Why Choose Safe Sweets?

Our Promise

The Safe Sweets Family is committed to making the best allergen-friendly chocolates.  We designed each original recipe to achieve the perfect balance of taste and texture.  Each piece of chocolate we make is handcrafted in our dedicated nut-free, dairy-free and gluten-free facility.

We sampled several allergen-friendly snacks before starting our company, and that’s when we discovered the choice you were being forced to make…the choice between taste and safety.  With Safe Sweets, you no longer have to choose between the two.

Our Purpose

If you have food allergies or are a food allergy parent, then you are no stranger to worrying.  And why wouldn’t you worry?  To you, the world can often feel like a war zone scattered with millions of land mines…except the land mines are disguised as tasty snacks and drinks.  They all look so harmless, even inviting.  But they are very, very dangerous.

There are “safe” snack options, sure.  But a good chunk of those either taste dull or are made by companies that do not realize how serious the food allergy business is.  But if there is one thing you and I know it is that there are few if any things in this world that are more serious than food allergies.

Our Uniqueness

Safe Sweets is different.  We don’t make fifty different custom chocolates, and we don’t make fancy truffles with exquisite designs and trimmings, but we do custom mold simple chocolates.  We don’t have fancy packaging, and we certainly don’t have celebrity endorsements.  All we have is what is listed on this website:  the best allergen-friendly chocolate money can buy.  There is a lot that we don’t do. But what we do is make chocolate with no nuts, dairy, or gluten.  But you would never know it from the taste.